• at the top section of the door
  • Microwave Motion Sensor
  • Person and vehicle detection in detection area
  • Enable to distinguish between people and vehicles
  • Enable to neglect cross-traffic

Infrared Sensor

  • Active Infrared Sensor
  • 3m x 3m size, 40 Infrared Spots
  • Able to detect the movement of people or vehicles, as well as their existence
  • protects doors and reduces the risk of door collision
  • Protects vehicles and pedestrians & improves safety

Radar + IR sensor

  • Dual technology sensor combined radar and infrared technology
  • Ignore cross-traffic
  • Prevents the accidents by detecting the vehicles and people located in front of the door
  • Alternative solution to the traditional inductive loop method
  • Easy and quick installation


  • Installation by embedding the loop on the floor
  • Vehicle and metal detection
  • Accurate detection and stability
  • Trailers detected using the ABS function

DC 428A(Remote control)

  • Doors controlled by Remote Control
  • Three channel remote control, open / stop / down
  • Maximum six doors controlled by one transmitter
  • Transmission/ recive distance 100m

Microwave motion sensor

sensor Microwave motion sensor
Sensing distance 10 ~ 50Cm
Sensing mode Noncontact motion
Input power 12 – 24V AC / 12 – 24V DC
Use temperature -20℃ ~ 50℃

Multi-channel remote sensor

sensor Multi-channel remote sensor
Sensing distance Maximum six doors controlled
by one transmitter
Sensing mode AC220V 60Hz
Input power RELAY NO. output
Use temperature -20℃ ~ 50℃

Pressure Sensors

sensor Pressure Sensors
Sensing distance When the door is downward,
pressure increases due to the tube
is pushed by the obstacles, door will
be stoped or opened.
Sensing Pressure 2mbar
load 0.5A / 250VAC
Use temperature -20℃ ~ 50℃