Product Overview

This auto door is equipped with a motor specifically designed for POLARIS PS and an intelligent controller which has the self-evaluation capability which automatically fix the settings to its optimal operation conditions. Comes with built-in communication ports which enable you to use the remote control and monitoring functions by connecting to available communication methods.

Product Features

  1. Automatically apply the optimum operation settings through self-learning features.
  2. Uses SMPS type power supply to ensure stable operations during the unstable power supply.
  3. Easy to use controller display panel design.
  4. Low noise (use of plastic rollers), durable & impact resistant.
  5. Single body frame structure (controller power supply, safety sensors & sensor terminals) enables easy installation.
  6. Comes with various types of communication ports including serial communication ports (RS232C, RS485), and TCP / IP (internet) & Bluetooth communication (smartphone, tablet, PC).

Product Specifications

Model P5
Weight(kg) Simple : 110kg (max 150kg) Double : 90kgΧ2 (max 120kgΧ2)
Wide Simple : 60 ~ 1200㎜ Double : 650 ~ 1200㎜ Χ 2
open/close speed max 600㎜ / Sec
Open waiting 0 ~ 60 Sec
Input power AC 220V, 50 ~ 60㎐
Power consumption Waiting 3.5W, Door drive 80W
Engine 75W DC MOTOR
Use temperature -20℃ ~ +40℃