Standard Lift

Building type Most standard industrial buildings
Benefits Optimal design for common buildings

High Lift

Building type High ceilings On the High Lift track set the spring package is placed high above the door.
Benefits This track type allows high vehicles to cross along the door opening without obstructions of the horizontal tracks. This track type is used when the space above the door is considerable, and is needed for work and traffic, e.g.: high vehicles.

Low Lift

Building type Low ceilings
Benefits Achieve maximum day light height with minimum head room. Same as standard lift, but with the spring package at the end of the horizontal tracks. The space between the door opening and the roof does not need to be more than 265mm.

Vertical Lift

Building type Very high ceiling and high working space requirements.
Benefits Allows high vehicles to cross along the door opening without any obstructions. If the space between the day light height and the roof is sufficient, with this track type, the door can be opened vertically.